Really? Bon Jovi Yoga Chant?

posted by ebeans

I used to work at a studio in Manhattan and can remember one of our instructors singing Bon Jovi through the wall.  Now, this was a while back and it seems to be gaining momentum.  After reading a recent NY Times article and now this blog post, I can’t help but wonder WTF?  Well anyway, it does make me laugh.  🙂

Sadie Nardini singing the Bon Jovi Chant

5 responses to “Really? Bon Jovi Yoga Chant?

  1. huh?

    you lost me girl….


  2. wherehaveyoubean

    qué horror!

  3. This isn’t really funny at all, at least to me. It just reminds me of why I hate taking yoga classes from Vinyasa teachers.

  4. sadie’s been singing this for years, i’m glad its catching on – i love it!

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