Is Regis marketing Sweet’N Low to kids?

Has the world gone mad?  In the latest Sweet’N Low commercial, Regis Philbin rides in a NYC Taxi and rants to the driver (who happens to be the Pink Panther — in the theatres soon, go figure) about how the stuff in the pink packet just tastes better in his coffee than real sugar.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a commercial from Sweet’N Low.  Johnson and Johnson’s “Splenda” has managed to knock out the stuff in the blue packet, Equal, and it looks like it now has Sweet’N Low hitting low in hopes of developing a new client base…kids.  This same strategy worked for a little “fruit” company that was condemned to extinction in the nineties.  (Hint:  it is not a fruit company, but its name is a fruit that starts with an “A” and should be eaten everyday…)

I guess Sweet’N Low is counting on kids to not remember how:
1.  Sweet’N Low causes long-term users to develop a third eye
2.  A mass Sweet’N Low-induced hypnotism allowed George W. Bush to be elected–twice!
3.  Sweet’N Low causes wrinkles
4.  Sweet’N Low causes teenage pregnancy
5.  Sweet’N Low steals left socks and never gives them back

I just think people should know the truth.

One response to “Is Regis marketing Sweet’N Low to kids?

  1. But what’s really more dangerous — Sweet N Lo or Regis on the loose? Think about it

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